Virtual Serial Port Tools

Build and manage sophisticated virtual serial port configurations and schemes
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Virtual Serial Ports Tool Kit

Complete set of tools for your custom virtual serial ports based solution

Virtual Serial Port Tools is a consolidated serial ports management and emulation tool kit which combines the power of Virtual, Remote, Shared and Network Serial Ports modules together, allowing you to create complex virtual serial port configurations and sophisticated sharing & interconnection schemes.

In addition to an intuitive and extremely clear user interface it also provides you with Software Developer Kit (SDK) to automate whole process from your application. This library comes in the form of ActiveX/COM and .NET Component that give you full control over the product's internal processes from native C++, Delphi, Java, Rust as well as .NET C# source codes and JavaScript / TypeScript scripts. Detailed documentation for Virtual Serial Port Tools Developer API is also provided.

Virtual com ports and interconnection/sharing schemes created by this product fully emulate all hardware serial port settings, rs232 null-modem pinouts and communication options including flow control, control lines and even line noise.

Download VSPT now and start building sophisticated virtual com port interlink and sharing schemes in a few seconds!

Virtual Serial Port Toolkit Features

  • Hardware links and devices emulation

    Hardware links and devices emulation

    The product allows you to create virtual serial devices and links that fully emulate the functionality of hardware physical devices and links. You can interact with these software-based virtual devices and ports exactly the same way as if they were real physical serial devices and ports.

  • Developer API and scripting

    Developer API and scripting

    Application programming interface (API) allows you to fully control application from your code or script. All kinds of virtual serial devices and their configuration may be controlled from different programming languages, like C++, C# or scripting languages like JavaScript or TypeScript.

  • Runs in user-mode for best system stability

    Runs in user-mode for best system stability

    During the product development we paid great attention to the performance and reliability. Virtual Serial Port Tools is build upon a versatile high-performance virtual serial port driver. It operates exclusively in user-mode, raising the system stability, security and performance.

  • GUI and command line configuration

    GUI and command line configuration

    During product development, we paid special attention to the intuitiveness and convenience of the graphical interface. We made it simple, clean and user-friendly. In addition to the GUI, the product also supports management of created devices and their configurations from the command line.

  • In-product UI scripting

    In-product UI scripting

    In order to make it easier for you to use our product inside your project via Virtual Serial Ports API, we have implemented in UI configuration utility the ability to generate ready-made code to embed it directly into your application. Scenario samples support TypeScript, C# and C++ codes.

  • Managing of virtual com ports and links

    Managing of virtual com ports and links

    The product allows you to create virtual com ports and pair them with virtual null-modem cables. Virtual ports and cables completely emulate physical ports and null-modem cables behavior. Virtual links may connect ports on computers located in different places of the world using just a network.

  • Accessing remote serial ports and devices over network

    Accessing remote serial ports and devices over network

    Transfer remote virtual or hardware serial ports and devices to local computer for easy access by serial applications. Local virtual copy and original remote device behaves exactly the same way. The is no limit for the number of virtual ports that can be created, so you may transfer as many devices as you need.

  • Serial ports splitting and sharing

    Serial ports splitting and sharing

    By using our product, you can overcome some of the Windows operating system's limitations, split com ports and share serial device dataflows among several applications. This way you can access data from device in multiple applications simultaneously and control it from each application.

  • User-defined serial port names

    User-defined serial port names

    The product allows overriding serial port names. You can change virtual COM port numbers to be created. User-defined device names will be displayed, for example, in the Windows Device Manager.

  • Multilingual UI

    Multilingual UI

    The product interface supports several languages. Localization is available automatically. Language tools are open to all users, any user can make edits or create their own language packs.

Our Virtual Com Port Tools Advantages

Adaptive It natively supports Windows dark themes
Harmless It uses only User-Mode space for extra safety and system stability
Reliable It fully emulates hardware serial ports and links
Friendly It supports GUI and command line ports configuration
Flexible It supports extensive scripting for best workflow automation
Handy It can be completely controlled within your project code

Our Virtual Com Port Toolkit Usage Scenarios

  • Implementing sophisticated serial port-based solutions

    By combining serial port virtualization and splitting functions, you can build sophisticated systems based on both existing and newly developed solutions.

    The equipment used in such solutions can be managed by a number of simultaneously running applications that are responsible for different functions and simultaneously process the corresponding data from sensors, devices and machines.

    Download the trial version, it is free and requires no registration.

  • Building distributed serial equipment control systems

    In addition to the port virtualization and splitting functions there is ability to access remote serial ports and devices by establishing network-based virtual null-modem links.

    So you can create distributed systems where the serial equipment may be located anywhere in the world and controlled remotely. Using the VSPT developer API, you can even flexibly adjust the entire system configuration from your code.

    Download the trial version, it is free and requires no registration.

  • Testing and debugging of systems that use serial ports

    Often you develop applications to serial equipment that you do not have access to. Thus, it is necessary to have a software emulation of this equipment. And here Virtual Serial Port Tools comes to your aid together with Serial Port Monitor, Terminal, MODBUS Send and Scripting.

    Using these products you can create a response parts, establish a virtual null-modem links and successfully test and debug applications.

    Download the trial version, it is free and requires no registration.

  • Reverse engineering of serial equipment and applications

    Often when working with third party serial devices and applications you have no data sheets on them and the communication protocol is unknown. If you want to understand how the communication works, you have to connect to the device or application, intercept communication and reconstruct the commands being sent between applications and devices. We offer you a complete toolbox consists of serial port sniffer with built-in terminal and Virtual Serial Port Tools to successfully accomplish this task.

    Download the trial version, it is free and requires no registration.

Virtual Com Port Toolkit Tech Specs

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First Release:6/25/2019
License Type:Shareware
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Windows 11 Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Server 2022 Windows Server 2019 Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server 2008
CPU:Multi-core x86, x64 or ARM64 compatible
Memory:2 GB
Storage:19.759 MB
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