USB Monitoring Control

Get data from USB devices & applications, process it within your project

USB Monitoring Control ActiveX

Non-intrusive USB data monitoring functionality for your application

The USB Monitoring Control (USBMC) component library is an easy-to-use Software Developer Kit (SDK) which provides non-intrusive USB devices and applications monitoring functionality for your projects.

The library allows you to enumerate all installed usb devices, then attach the monitoring object to receive transmitted data and control packets. It captures and decodes USB communication protocol packets for you, so that it is very easy to use their parsed data within your software project.

Developer API is provided in the ActiveX/COM and .NET Component forms, it provides you with wide set of methods, events and properties allowing full control over the monitored data. USB sniffing component supports tracing packets of any USB 2.x and 3.x devices correctly registered within operating system and visible in the Device Manager.

With help of our Universal Serial Bus Monitoring ActiveX component, your software can monitor communication data of USB equipment, modems, AV and media devices, USB adapters, USB serial devices and more.

Download USBMC now and start implementing of USB monitoring functionality into your application!

Installation Package

Installation package contains of the following files:

  • /bin/hhdusbmc.dll - USB Monitoring Control ActiveX component
  • /bin/DIFxAPI.dll - Driver installation framework utility DLL
  • /doc/hhdusbmc.chm - Library documentation
  • /drivers/hhdusbmc.inf - Driver installation information file
  • /drivers/ - 32-bit driver catalog file
  • /drivers/ - 64-bit driver catalog file
  • /drivers/hhdusbmc32.sys - 32-bit filter driver
  • /drivers/hhdusbmc64.sys - 64-bit filter driver
  • /inc/hhdusbdefs.h - File with internal driver structures definitions
  • /inc/hhdusbmc.idl - File with library classes and interfaces
  • /inc/hhdusbmc.h - Compiled version of hhdusbmc.idl file
  • /inc/usb.h - parts of USB-related declarations, taken from Windows Driver Kit (WDK) - formerly known as Windows Driver Development Kit (Windows DDK). It is recommended to install and use the file from this kit instead
  • /lib/x64/hhdusbmc.lib - 64-bit import library
  • /lib/x86/hhdusbmc.lib - 32-bit import library
  • /redist/Manual/usbmc_redist.exe - redistributable module
  • /redist/Merge Module/x64/usbmc_msm_x64.msm - 64-bit Windows Installer Merge Module
  • /redist/Merge Module/x64/x86/usbmc_msm_x86.msm - 32-bit Windows Installer Merge Module
  • /Samples - Library sample solutions and projects

USB Monitoring Control allows you to easily intercept, process and analyze data that is being transferred between any USB device and the host (computer) by your software application.

Using our ActiveX library you'll easily get access to all USB requests which flows between USB host controller/USB hub and the USB hardware device during enumeration: USB Request Block (URB), IOCTL, IRP: PNP and Power I/O Request Packets. It intercepts all descriptors, interface & endpoint requests made by USB applications and shares access to captured USB bulk, interrupt, isochronous and control transfers. All these data is easily accessible by your application.

USBMC offers "Layered parsing" technology for native interface allowing you to skip several parsing steps in order to optimize performance. Highly optimized algorithms allow non-intrusive monitoring on USB 2.0 Low Speed, Full Speed, Hi-Speed and USB 3.0 SuperSpeed and USB 3.x SuperSpeed+ data transfer rates.

It provides you with open source sample applications written in Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual C#, Microsoft Visual Basic, JavaScript and Delphi.

Usage Areas

USB Monitoring Control ActiveX may be useful when you are working with the following devices:

  • Diagnostic equipment, Controlling and measuring equipment
  • USB Modems, Usb-Serial ports and adapters
  • Universal Serial Bus Flash card readers
  • Smartphones, Mobile Phones, Universal Serial Bus Tablets
  • USB Keyboards, KVM switches, Mice, USB composite devices
  • MP3 players, Mass Storage devices
  • Digital Cameras, AV hardware, TV Tuners
  • Universal Serial Bus Printers, Scanners, Adapters
  • Universal Serial Bus Network equipment, Routers, Multiplexers, Hubs, Switches
  • Wireless LAN equipment, Universal Serial Bus Ethernet adapters
  • USB Audio, Midi devices, Joysticks and Steering Wheels, generic USB Human Interface Devices
OS Support

It supports all server and workstation Windows platforms starting from Microsoft Windows 7, including Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11, Windows 10 (x86/x64)

USB Monitoring Control Component Library Features

  • Non-intrusive, high-performance sniffing

    Non-intrusive, high-performance sniffing

    We have carefully optimized all algorithms for maximum performance. That's why Usb Monitoring Control consumes minimum of CPU time, memory, other computer resources and provides you with truly non-intrusive monitoring capabilities.

  • Monitoring of devices that are already in use

    Monitoring of devices that are already in use

    The instance of Monitoring object can be attached to the USB device at any time, no matter whether it is being currently used by another process or not. You can also detach from the monitored USB device at any time.

  • Supports a lot of programming languages

    Supports a lot of programming languages

    Client code may be written in C++, Java, Delphi, JavaScript or VB.NET, C# and any other CLR-compatible language. There is high compatibility with all modern development environments, including Microsoft Visual Studio and Embarcadero RAD Studio XE.

  • Open source sample applications for quick start

    Open source sample applications for quick start

    Along with our product we provide detailed documentation, sample applications and Microsoft VC++ MFC, .NET C#, VB.NET, Jscript and Delphi open source codes for those apps. The examples provide you with an easy way to start your own solution.

USB Monitoring Control Component Tech Specs

General Information
First Release:5/28/2009
License Type:Shareware
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System Requirements
Windows 11 Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows Server 2022 Windows Server 2019 Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2003 R2 Windows Server 2003
CPU:Multi-core x86, x64 compatible
Memory:2 GB
Storage:11.915 MB
Release Details
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Size:5.957 MB
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