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Network Sniffer

Non-intrusive software network packet sniffer & protocol analyzer for Windows.

Network Monitor allows you to intercept, log & analyze data packets that applications, devices and computers exchange over network connections. This program is helpful in development, debugging and analysis of software and hardware solutions that use Local Area Network (LAN) Intranet or Internet communications. Our network protocol analyzer provides you with full set of tools for high-performance decoding of network protocols and analyzing packets data in online and offline modes. It's various editions include features for viewing, browsing, searching, filtering, recording, and data playback.

This network monitoring software provides you with wide range of visualization tools for all popular network protocols and raw data. It also has utilities for creating custom visualizers, allowing you to parse I/O data according to custom protocols definitions and rules. In addition to visualization, our product allows you to export data, record captured data to the log files, play back previously recorded data on the screen, create custom packets, send them to the port according to the rules you define and automate workflow using built-in scripting. Using custom visualizers, deep protocol analysis features and scripting you'll be even able to handle certain events. This is entirely a software network sniffing, analyzing and data logging solution that requires no additional hardware equipment.

Our network data capturing software has been developed and constantly improved for more than 15 years. It has an intuitive user interface, detailed documentation with examples and requires no special programming skills to start using it. Download this network analyzer now and start to trace network packets in a few seconds!

How it Works

Capturing of network traffic passing through the NIC (Network Interface Controller) is performed by using a special filter driver that is installed in the NDIS (Network Driver Interface Specification) driver stack. This allows data frames to be captured starting from the Data Link Layer - Layer 2 of OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model. Such application architecture allows capturing of all network packets passing through the adapters, including transit network packets. To overcome limitation of the Ethernet frame size set by IEEE 802.3 we support jumbo frames that are widely used, for example, in PPPoE networks.

For each running monitoring session, a corresponding session is created in the filter driver, captured data is stored in buffer until the application picks it up. Transport layer packets (for example TCP or UDP packets) are identified according to processes running in the operating system, their PIDs are transmitted to visualizers and then shown to the user, facilitating the identification of analyzed network traffic.

All the data extracted from filter driver is sent to application for further processing. Then data is parsed at the application level by binding different structures (defined in .h files) to the specific packet's offsets. This is the way network packets are parsed at the Data Link Layer (for example ARP, PPP, Ethernet packets), Network Layer (for example IPv6, IPv4 packets), Transport layer (TCP, UDP), Session Layer, Presentation Layer and Application Layer. Thus, using our product you always have a complete trace of structured data at the full depth of encapsulated protocols.

Download this net sniffer & data recorder now and start tracing network packets in a few seconds!

High Performance

Our goal was to create a truly non-intrusive high-performance application that can process data on the fly without interfering monitored communication.

We have carefully optimized all data intercepting, processing, logging, playback and filtering algorithms to ensure that the application will run in real time, even at high transfer rates without chance to consume much processor time, memory or any other computer resources.

Our LAN traffic monitor uses highly optimized data processing algorithms that differs it from any competitive network sniffing tools and makes it, in fact, the only real-time network monitoring software for Windows available on the market today.

Download this lan sniffer & analyzer now and start to monitor & analyze lan traffic in a few seconds!

Usage Areas

Our ethernet packet sniffer and network data logger can be successfully used:

  • For network forensics and analysis
  • For parsing of a specific network data captured by network crawlers
  • To detect, explore and trace security threats
  • To identify, analyze and track network anomalies
  • To analyze network problems and verify system effectiveness
  • To capture and discover LAN and Internet traffic patterns
  • To collect and analyze data flows from network devices
  • To view winsock calls, WINS Querys, DNS Querys, DHCP information
  • To analyze network configuration (interfaces, adapters, parameters).
  • To test and debug client - server communications
  • To reverse engineer protocols used over the network
  • To search for specific strings and hex data patterns in monitored packets.
  • To test and debug network protocol implementations

Download this netsniffer / datalogger and start to log / trace your network data in a few seconds!

Target Groups

This network data explorer may be successfully used as network packets decoder and communications debugger by network application developers, network administrators, security specialists and anyone who needs a comprehensive picture of the traffic passing through their network connection or segment of a local area network.

Download this network packets viewer/parser and start to analyse network packets in a few seconds!

OS Support

Our network traffic analysis tool correctly works with Windows server & workstation desktop platforms starting from Windows7 (Win XP and Vista are supported by older product version). Windows 11 and both 64-bit / 32-bit versions of Windows 10 (x64/x86) operating system are supported. It also supports ARM64 architecture.

Download this software networksniffer now and start to monitor net communications in a few seconds!

Supported Protocols

Our network capture utility supports data parsing for the following network protocols:

  • ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode Protocol
  • ARP - Address Resolution Protocol
  • BACNET - Building Automation Control Network
  • CCP - Compression Control Protocol for PPP
  • CHAP - Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
  • DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (ipv4)
  • DHCPv6 - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (ipv6)
  • DNS - Domain Name System Protocol
  • EAP - Extensible Authentication Protocol
  • FTP - File Transfer Protocol
  • GRE - Generic Routing Encapsulation
  • HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  • HTTPS - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
  • ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol
  • ICMPv6 - v6 version
  • IMAP - Internet Message Access Protocol
  • IPCP - IP Control Protocol
  • IPCPv6 - v6 version
  • IP - Internet Protocol
  • IPX - Internet Packet Exchange Protocol
  • IPV4 -Internet Protocol version 4
  • IPV6 - Internet Protocol version 6
  • LCP - Link Control Protocol
  • LLC - Local link control Protocol
  • LLDP - Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  • LLMNR - Link Local Multicast Name Resolution Protocol
  • LQR - Link Quality Report Protocol
  • NetBIOS, NBNS, NBSS - Network Basic Input Output System
  • NetBIOS over TCP/IP Protocol (NBT)
  • NetLogon, Kerberos - Computer network authentication protocol
  • MIME - Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions Protocol
  • Modbus/TCP - Modbus TCP Protocol
  • MSPRC - Microsoft Remote Procedure Call Protocol
  • PPP - Point-to-Point Protocol
  • PPPoE - Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet
  • PPTP - Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
  • RPC - Remote Procedure Call Protocol
  • SIP - Session Initiation Protocol
  • SMB - Server Message Block Protocol
  • SMB2 - Server Message Block Protocol v2
  • SMB over TCP
  • SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • SNA -Systems Network Architecture Protocol
  • SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol
  • SSL - Secure Sockets Layer Protocol
  • TCP - Transmission Control Protocol
  • TLS - Transport Layer Security Protocol
  • UDP - User Datagram Protocol
  • WINS - Windows Internet Name Service Protocol

Download this tcp/ip packet sniffer and udp packets analyzer now and start snooping network protocols data in a few seconds!

Network Protocol Analyzer Features

  • Real-time network connections monitoring

    Real-time network connections monitoring

    Our network protocol analyzing software is capable of intercepting all network traffic between your computer and remote host on extremely high data transfer rates where competitive solutions just hangs. It provides you with wide set of high-performance data sniffing features for each selected network adapter or interface.

    The activity of each network adapter may be snooped in real time. Highly efficient and carefully optimized data processing algorithms do not interfere with tracked communication. This approach makes our product, in fact, the only nonintrusive software network protocol analyzer available on the market today.

  • Network data filtering & output customization

    Network data filtering & output customization

    Our network analyser offers advanced protocol-based filtering feature, which allows you to create and configure network packets filtering schemes and quickly apply them to visualizer windows and even data exporting modules. The filters are optimized for high performance, allowing on-the-fly filtering without affecting the monitored communication.

    Additionally, you may change the appearance of visual elements for monitored packets in the data visualizers including Structure View, Raw Data View, HTTP View and Custom View. No other solution will allow you to adjust your output as flexibly and conveniently as our product.

  • Network data logging & log file playback

    Network data logging & log file playback

    Our product is the only one among all other network traffic monitoring software, which offers you the opportunity not only to snoop the TCP/IP & UDP communications in real time, but also to record the network data in the log file with the possibility to replay and analyze it later or share it with your colleagues.

    Using our network monitoring tools, you will be able to reproduce arbitrary fragments of previously recorded data on the screen and export it in raw binary or text format.

  • Browsing monitored data, searching for data patterns

    Browsing monitored data, searching for data patterns

    Basic network packets tracer capabilities include viewing and navigating through the monitored data. All visualizers allow a given data pattern to be easily found using the powerful search feature. Quick search may be performed either throughout the whole visualizer window or among the selected area only.

    Some visualizers also provide advanced searching capabilities, including searching for text in different encodings or binary data and a search with regular expressions.

  • Deep inspection of 50+ major network protocols

    Deep inspection of 50+ major network protocols

    Our product allows you to decode network packets and extract the most detailed information with flexible output customization capabilities. You can explore and view binary or text data for each monitored packet in all character encodings supported by Windows platform.

    You can group entire data, assign your own structures and color schemes, specify rules to highlight certain data sequences with support for regular expressions and much more.

  • Network data graphical analysis & statistics

    Network data graphical analysis & statistics

    Our traffic analysis tools offer you graphical and statistical analysis of data obtained during the sniffing of TCP/IP & UDP connections. You can analyze not only real-time data, but also historical data stored in pre-recorded log files.

    You can inspect the following data parameters: Packets Total/sec, Bytes Total/sec, Bytes Read/sec, Bytes Written/sec, IO Packets/sec. The product allows you to customize the list of data being analyzed, and specify the type and form of the analysis.

  • Structure View: parsing & displaying captured network packets data

    Structure View: parsing & displaying captured network packets data

    Structure View network packet explorer is a two-part window. First part displays internal structure of packet parsed according to specified set of network protocols. Second part displays raw packet contents. Cursor navigation may be synchronized between two parts. Each packet is matched against one or more of loaded protocol definition files and all protocol fields are shown in the top part of the visualizer. For each field, its name, value, starting address and size are displayed. If field consists of other fields, you may expand it.

    This netanalyzer supports configuring protocol-based filtering (aka Display Filter) and allows changing of the root protocol.

  • Raw Data View: displaying raw packet data for network protocols

    Raw Data View: displaying raw packet data for network protocols

    The visualizer has two windows, one of which displays data read from network, and another one displays data transmitted to network.

    All subsequent network packets are concatenated into a single data stream, which is displayed as sequence of hexadecimal, decimal, octal, binary data and text. Alternatively, the network dataflow may be displayed as a sequence of floating-point numbers with single or double precision.

    The data visualizer is extremely flexible and allows you to customize output layout and appearance.

  • Raw data exporter

    Raw data exporter

    This exporter parses captured network data according to the loaded set of network protocols, applies optional protocol-based filtering and Root Protocol and writes the resulting binary data into the output file. It produces the result identical to the lower part of the Structure View data visualizer, but does not display any UI, writing raw data directly to the file.

  • Text exporter

    Text exporter

    This exporter parses captured network data according to the loaded set of network protocols, applies optional protocol-based filtering and Root Protocol and writes the resulting text data into the output file. It formats its textual output exactly like the upper part of the Structure View data visualizer, but does not display any UI, writing formatted data directly to the file.

  • HTTP View: parsing and displaying of http requests and responses

    HTTP View: parsing and displaying of http requests and responses

    HTTP View data visualizer, which is based on "Custom View" network data tracer, decodes and displays HTTP requests and responses.

  • Scripting support for network capture tools

    Scripting support for network capture tools

    The built-in scripting support offers the possibility to control several in-application objects with user-written scripts written in TypeScript (JavaScript superset).

  • Script debugger

    Script debugger

    The built-in script debugger simplifies the process of script authoring. During debugging, expression evaluation, variable watching and stack tracing are provided. A script execution may be traced or continued until the next breakpoint is hit.

  • Capture filter

    Capture filter

    A filter is a single condition which follows the syntax of Protocol Definition expressions. It can refer to any field in captured network packet and supports logical or arithmetic operators. Our software network analyzer is supplied with a list of predefined filters, you may also create and use your own custom filter.

  • Multi-source network monitoring

    Multi-source network monitoring

    This feature supports joining monitored data from multiple network adapters into a single monitoring session. Network protocol analyser parses packets coming from different sources, arranges them in the correct sequence and displays them using supported data visualizers. Network data logging feature also supports multi-source monitoring sessions.

  • Custom network data visualizers

    Custom network data visualizers

    Custom Visualizer allows the user to create his own visualizer in TypeScript. Custom network data visualizer receives each packet parsed according to selected protocol and adds one or more text strings to the output. It also defines several visual schemes which may be customized by the user for convenient output.

  • Parsing custom network protocols

    Parsing custom network protocols

    Our network protocol analyser comes with a lot of pre-installed protocols.

    This feature allows you to add new definition of the custom protocol to the product. Then network snooper will be able to start parsing and decoding all matching packets according to this custom protocol definition.

  • MODBUS TCP automatic events handling

    MODBUS TCP automatic events handling

    You may use "Custom network data visualizers" feature, "MODBUS Send" and scripting to build automatic Modbus events handling solution. Use TCP MODBUS RTU/ACSII sniffer to parse function codes from requests and responses, build your TCP MODBUS packets, then automatically send them to the device using MODBUD Send and Scripting upon receiving specific data.

  • MODBUS Send: sending MODBUS protocol commands

    MODBUS Send: sending MODBUS protocol commands

    MODBUS Send window provides you with an easy way to control MODBUS-compatible devices. This feature can help in the process of debugging your MODBUS-compatible device, for example, you can test it by sending commands and verifying responses. You can set all standard or user-defined MODBUS function codes and then click on the Send button. It is convenient to use MODBUS parser in a conjunction with MODBUS Send for two-way debugging (view both requests & responses).

  • Packet builder & sender

    Packet builder & sender

    Packet builder/sender allows you to create network packets and templates according to the pre-configured or user-defined protocol definition and send them to the network adapter. This function may be used to construct and send TCP packets, IP packets, UDP packets, ARP, DHCP, ICMP, LLMNR, NetBIOS/NBNS, NetBIOS/NBSS, DNS packets and MODBUS TCP packets. There are several settings available in order to help user to automate packet sending process.

Our Network Packet Sniffer Advantages

Reliable Supports high data transfer rates without affecting PC performance.
Useful Supports session data logging for replaying back later.
Flexible Allows you to configure the way it displays raw data streams.
Friendly Allows you to tune user interface according to your requirements.
Multitasking Monitors any number of network connections simultaneously.
Cautious Allows you to save monitored data even after session is stopped.

Our Software Network Analyser Usage Scenarios

  • Debugging and testing network communications

    While implementing client/server protocols or developing applications/devices, you may need to monitor what packets are exchanged between applications and devices as well as send them some data. This is the scenario that our product is best suited for. It is the only one that allows you to simultaneously parse data, construct packets, send them to a device depending on the triggering of certain conditions and automate this with scripts. Download the trial version, it is free and does not require registration.

  • Handling network events

    Our network traffic monitor offers user not only the ability to create his own visualizers, but also parse network protocols according to custom definitions. This functionality provides users with custom filtering and event tracking solutions based on their own rules. All these functions can be used in combination with the data sending module and scripting. As a result, the user gets an advanced event handling solution at his disposal. Download the trial version, it is free and does not require registration.

  • Reverse engineering network protocols

    If you have a server part and need to create the client response part or there is a client but no server part, then our product is exactly what you need. Often, in such cases, you have no documentation for the communication protocol, device or network application and you have to intercept their data, reconstruct this protocol and individual packets based on it. Our product has a complete set of tools for this. Download the trial version, it is free and does not require registration.

  • Building network security solutions

    Since our product allows network data logging, realtime parsing & analyzing of the data coming from multiple network endpoints simultaneously, it can be used as a base for building real-time, high-performance, non-intrusive security solutions. All its operational algorithms are optimized for maximum performance, thus, solutions based on our product can be applicable where others will not give the proper result. Download the trial version, it is free and does not require registration.

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